AgeImperial Age
Trained atDock
TypeMilitary Vessel
Cost75 Wood,
45 Gold
Upgraded FromFire Ship
Upgraded ToN/A
In Age of Empires II, the Fast Fire Ship is an upgrade from the Fire Ship. Like its predecessor, it is a small ship armed with a "flamethrower" mounted on the bow. The fast fire ship has an attack bonus against other ships; however, it must come in very close to enemy ships in order to attack. In comparison with the unupgraded fire ship, the fast fire ship deals more damage and is better armored. Despite its name, it does not move noticably faster than regular fire ships.

Although the Fast Fire Ship is better on a 1v1 confrontation against a Galleon, Galleons are usually preferred for their lower cost and superior performance in most situations. In large-scale confrontations, a fleet of galleons can defeat a fleet of fast fire ships comfortably due to their superior range. Fire Ships are also vulnerable against Demolition Ships and Turtle Ships, two other ship types that require a close range to attack.

History Edit

The fire ship was improved over the years to increase its speed, maneuverability, and armor. Constantinople was successfully defended by its navy of fast fire ships for many centuries.

Unit Evolution: Fire Ship

Fire Ship --> Fast Fire Ship


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