The Feudal Age is the second age in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings and its expansion, Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. The Feudal Age allows the training and building of quite a few more units and buildings than the first age, the Dark Age, as well as more technologies to research.

Note: The list below will show only the units, buildings, and technologies that are activated when you advance to the Feudal Age. If you wish to see the units, buildings, and technologies that are available from the Dark Age, see Dark Age

Requirements Edit

Age advancement from Dark Age to Feudal Age requires:

  • 500 Food.
  • 2 Dark Age buildings.
  • 130 seconds of research at the Town Center.

Units Available Edit

Village Units

Military Units

Buildings Available Edit

Economic Buildings

Military Buildings

Defensive Structures

Research Available Edit

Economic Technologies

Military Technologies

Notes Edit

The Feudal Age is generally where different civilizations begin to stand out. Archer, Cavalry, and Ship-based civilizations can begin training basic units of their specialities in this age. The Feudal Age is also where military clashes usually begin to occur. Players should consider starting on their stone-mining in preparation for castle-building in the Castle Age. Players should also beging walling off weaknesses in their base defenses to prevent an early attack from other players.

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