Fire Galley
File:Fire galley aoe.jpg
AgeIron Age
Trained atDock
TypeMilitary Vessel
Cost115 Wood,
40 Gold
Upgraded FromNA
Upgraded ToNA
Cost to UpgradeNA
The Fire Galley is a short-range warship in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome that is used by civilizations lacking the Catapult Trireme (except Choson). It can be built at the Dock once the Iron Age is reached and can be constructed without an upgrade of any kind. The Fire Galley is not recognized as a unit in the tech tree; therefore, it is not available when players opt to play with the full tech tree, also being because every civilization gets Catapult Triremes.


Since Fire Galleys have 24 attack power they can easily defeat Trireme and other warships in one-on-one combat. However, they take additional damage from siege weapon and catapult-mounted ships so it is advised to keep them away from the coast near an enemy settlement as far as possible. Since Fire Galleys can only attack within 2 range points, they are best suited in open water where they avoid challenges from Siege Weapons and Towers located inland. Fire Galleys are also best used in small groups since only one of them is needed to take out a Trireme. Other than that, Fire Galleys dominate the sea. Carthaginian Fire Galleys possess the highest attack on sea since they can deal as high as 36 damage, making them stronger even to a Phoenician Juggernaut due to its faster fire rate.


Iron Age