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Flying Dutchman
AgeIron Age
Trained atDock
Cost135 Wood,
70 Gold
The Flying Dutchman is a cheat unit in Age of Empires. When Flying Dutchman is typed in the chat menu, it will turn your Juggernauts and Catapult Triremes into Flying Dutchmen, which is slightly more powerful and can also sail on the ground. Use this cheat with caution as the increased fire rate (if played as the Phoenicians) is eliminated once this cheat is summoned. If played as the Yamato, the hit points for this unit is increased by 200 points to 259 points. If used effectively, the Flying Dutchmen can be an effective hit and run unit since it can outrun most kinds of infantry and slower units.

Upgrades Edit

Iron Age

Note: Typing the cheat code after researching these technologies does not have any affect to the Flying Dutchman.


The Flying Dutchman is a reference to a nautical folklore. This mythical phantom ship is believed to be a sign of doom to sailors since it is cursed to sail the seas for eternity and can never rest at port.


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