The Foraging Campaign is the second Campaign of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign. It is exclusive to Age of Empires and Rise of Rome. Just like its predecessor, this campaign focuses on teaching the player the overall concept of the game. In this case, the campaign focuses on developing a village in the Stone Age.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

Hunting has been good along the Nile for hundreds of years but growing numbers of hunters have depleted the wild game. Edible plants are alternative Food sources that can supplement or complement hunting. Hunters have reported berry bushes across the river to the east. Find these forage sites and collect food from them. Establish a significant village in this area by building a Granary, Storage Pit, and Dock.



This campaign in short is very simple. Simply gather enough wood to build these structures mentioned at the objectives part of the campaign. It takes 340 Wood to build these structures altogether. Although there are many berry bushes found on the map, gathering food from them is not required, though, the more Villagers a player has, the faster the mission can be accomplished.

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