Age AvailableFeudal Age
Cost 150 Food
StatsImproves the attack of infantry and cavalry units by +1.

Forging is a improvement in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Forging is available at the Feudal Age, and is bought at the Blacksmith building for 150 Food.

Forging improves the attack of infantry and cavalry units by +1.

History Edit

Iron tools and weapons were hammered out of iron bars through forging. The bars were heated in the forge until they were red hot. At this point the metal could be shaped by hammering. The hot bar was held against an anvil and pounded into the desired shape. In the hands of an expert smithy, the process of continually heating, hammering, and cooling created quality tools and sharp, sturdy weapons. Men who worked the forges were called blacksmiths because they worked with black iron and got quite dirty during a day’s work.

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