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The Franks (now known as the French) are a Western European civilization that inhabited modern day France, which was previously known as Gaul. They are primarily a defensive civilization, but can also be an effective offensive civilization as well. Frankish Knights have a 20% gain in hit points, making their heavy cavalry one of (if not the) best in the game. The Franks can also build cheaper castles. Frankish farms have more Food than other civilizations, and recieve automatic upgrades without cost, when they become available. Their Throwing Axemen. who deal hand damage at range (their attacks deal damage according to armor, not pierce armor),  are powerful against other buildings and other infantry, though without other units support, are vulnerable to heavily armored units.


Unique Unit: Throwing Axeman (infantry with ranged attack)

Unique Technology: Bearded Axe (increased range for Throwing Axeman)

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Farm upgrades are free
  • Castles are 25% cheaper, costing 488 Stone instead of 650 Stone
  • Knights have 20% more HP
  • Team Bonus: Knights have +2 line of sight

In-game dialogue language Edit

All units speak Medieval French, except from Monks, as they speak Medieval Latin.

  • Oé (m) Que (f)--Yes?/What?
  • Que fais?--What shall I do?
  • Prêt—ready
  • Verax—truly (from Latin)
  • Certes—surely
  • L'y vais-I go there
  • oïl—yes
  • Que lier?--What is your order?
  • bûcheron—woodcutter
  • maraud—scavenge
  • chasseor—hunter
  • pescheor—fisher
  • villain—peasant
  • mineor—miner
  • bastiseor—builder
  • artuison—craftsman
  • assault! 
  • à la bataille!--to battle!
  • montjoie!
  • montmirail!
  • que valié?—what do you want?
  • que y'a?--What's up?

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