Civilization Tech Tree Strategy


The Franks are an offensive civilization that relies primarily on their heavy cavalry for combat.


Their knights and related units receive a bonus 20% hitpoints, making them even tougher than they already are. Farms are also much cheaper to start up, as the upgrades are free. Another major opportunity would be their exceptionally cheap castles, which cost 25% less than regular castles. This allows them to build a powerful defense earlier than other civilizations. While the Franks may have an easy time building castles, their unique unit, the Throwing Axeman is not the best choice of units in head to head battles, as they are somewhat fragile and their attack is nothing special. However, they do have some advantages. They, along with the Mameluke possess the only ranged hack damage in the game. This allows them to easily destroy Battering Rams from behind a wall, removing the need to send out forces.


In contrast with their cavalry, their archers are fairly weak, missing most upgrades and technologies. Also, despite their powerful heavy cavalry, the rest of their mounted units are average. They lack the Hussar upgrade and cannot build Camels.  Their defence is somewhat weak, missing most tower upgrades

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