Furor Celtica
Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 750 Food,
450 Gold
StatsSiege Workshop units +50% HP
Available ToCelts

Furor Celtica is a technology unique to the Celts that can be researched at the Castle in the Imperial Age. Once researched, this Technology will increase the Hit Points of Siege Workshop units by 50%. With Furor Celtica, Celtic siege units are more hardy in combat, giving more time for support units to eliminate their attackers. This technology combined with their civilization bonus (faster fire rate) and team bonus (faster creation speed) makes Celtic siege weapons the most fearsome in the game.


The warriors of Celtic Britain gained a reputation as very emotional fighters, capable of wide swings in their morale. Furor Celtica, or Celtic Fury, was a state of highly charged aggressiveness that all enemy armies sought to escape. If the fury could be withstood, it might vanish suddenly and turn into panic. If the Celtic leaders could manage and direct the fury of their soldiers, it was a daunting force multiplier.

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