For the related Age of Empires III unit, see Galley (Age of Empires III).

AgeFeudal Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Unit
Cost90 Wood,
30 Gold
Upgraded ToWar Galley
Cost to Upgrade230 Food
70 Wood
Galleys are the first naval units available at the Dock once Feudal Age is reached in Age of Empires II. Galleys are small, fast ships primarily used for scouting and attacking other units vulnerable to attack. Galleys can be upgraded to War Galley, and later to a Galleon. The Galley has the attack equivalent of an Crossbowman.

Age of Empires II InformationEdit

"Warships largely disappeared in Europe during the Dark Ages because no civilization other than the Byzantines possessed the wealth and organization necessary for maintaining any sort of navy. As the centuries passes, a few small warships again appeared in the Western Mediterranean. These were oar-powered galleys used primarily for scouting and chasing down pirates that plagued sea trade. The best warship in the West were built and maintained by the Byzantines, who alone had carried on their shipbuilding traditions since ancient times."


Whilst being a relatively weak naval unit compared to its successors, the Galley is effective in numbers, able to take out enemy ships with ease, providing their numbers are great enough. They are also effective at wiping out enemy Fishing Ships and other Economic Units within close proximity to the coast.

Galleys are also fantastic Transport Ship escorts in the Feudal Age, being able to offer defense and divide fire. They excel mostly in guarding and destroying enemy fishing fleets. Building Galleys en masse is incredibly helpful for when the time arises that you can upgrade them to the more competent War Galley.

Unit Evolution: Galley

Galley --> War Galley --> Galleon


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