Garrison refers to the act of placing units into structures. Once placed, the buildings gain an attack, or a greater attack. Units can be garrisoned in a building by selecting the units you want garrisoned, holding ALT and right clicking the building. You can also use the default hotkey 'G' with units selected and left or right click the building you would like to garrison them in.

Age of Empires II Edit

In Age of Empires II, the buildings in which players may garrison units are:

+Buildings may only garrison units trained at that building, and only as they are trained, if the rally point of said building is set to the building itself. Units may then eject, but after doing so they will be unable to re-enter the building. A maximum of ten units may be garrisoned.

++The Castle can normally only garrison non siege units, but if the rally point of the castle is set to the castle itself, trebuchets can be garrisoned inside, but cannot re-enter it after ejecting.

The Monastery may only garrison Monks if the rally point is set on itself; Monks may eject, but after doing so they will be unable to reenter the building. However, relics may be garrisoned and ejected at any time.

There are several advantages to garrisoning units. While garrisoned, units are immune to damage or conversion; if the structure is destroyed they emerge unscathed. Also, damaged units slowly regain Hit Points while spending their time inside a building; castles in particular have a faster hitpoint regeneration rate than other buildings. Researching Herbal Medicine increases the rate at which units regenerate while garrisoned. Also, garrisoned villagers and archers will increase the damage output of watch towers, guard towers, keeps, castles, and town centers: very useful considering the fact that the garrisoned units do not take damage while dishing out plenty of their own. Chu Ko Nu in particular dramatically increase the damage output of the aforementioned buildings. Finally, if the enemy has Spies researched, garrisoning units inside buildings will keep opponents guessing as to the true makeup of a player's army.

Age of Empires IIIEdit

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