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The Goths are a major civilization featured in Age of Empires II. The Goths were a collection of Germanic Tribes that constantly warred with the Roman Empire during its later years. Following the fall of the Empire, the Goths divided into the Ostrogoths (East Goths) who settled in Italy, and the Visigoths (West Goths) who settled in the region that would later become Portugal and Spain.


The Goths' advantages predominantly focus on Infantry. Gothic infantry are cheaper than that of other civilizations. Their unique unit is the Huskarl, which is usually created from the Castle; however in The Conquerors expansion pack, they can research their Unique Technology Anarchy, which allows Huskarls to be created from the Barracks. In the Imperial Age, they can research another unique technology called Perfusion, which allows all Barracks units to be created 50% faster. With both of these technologies, Huskarls can be created very quickly.

One major disadvantage of Goths is their inability to build Stone Walls (having to rely on Palisade Walls for defense) or get any tower above the basic Watch Tower. However they tend to make up with it with their strong and quick-to-create military. It is advisable to create as many Huskarls as possible when playing as the Goths.

Wonder: Mausoleum of Theoderic

Unique Unit: Huskarl (anti-archer and arrow-resistant infantry)

Unique Tech (Castle Age): Anarchy (Huskarls can be created from Barracks)

Unique Tech (Imperial Age):  Perfusion (Barracks create units 50% faster)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

Campaign Edit

The Goths are featured frequently during the Barbarossa campaign. Many of the enemy teams are of the Goth civilization during the first part of the campaign, although during the later missions the enemy tend to be Teutons, Saracens, and Franks. They are the primary enemy (Saxons) in William of Normandy's level, where they have stone walls, despite the fact that when playing in random maps they don't. They're also featured in two of the Genghis Khan scenarios.

The Goths are also seen in the Attila the Hun campaign on the level Catalaunian Fields as the divided Ostrogoths and Visigoths. The Ostrogoths are allied to Attila, however the Visigoths are on the opposing team, allied with the Western Roman Empire (blue/Byzantines).


Their Language is the same as the Teutons.


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