Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Goths are a purely offensive civilization that focuses on its infantry. They have great rushing capabilities due to their ability to rapidly produce infantry.


They are great at rushing since their
infantry are cheaper and created faster than those of other civilizations. In addition they get additional population space in the Imperial Age. Their unique unit, the Huskarl, is an infantry unit that is almost immune to archer fire. They are powerful units and usually form the core of a Gothic army. The Goths already have a 20% bonus in Barracks production speed and they get another 50% boost with Perfusion, one of their unique technologies. Their other unique technology, Anarchy, allows Barracks to create Huskarls. This allows the Goths to rapidly produce an army of infantry and can swamp an opponent with sheer numbers. The fact that they are able to produce an army much faster than others also means opponents are often unprepared to fight off a massive attack. If an attack fails they can rebound very quickly and have a massive army again before the opponent can recover, assuming they have enough resources. Because of their ability to rapidly train a large amount of soldiers the Goths are quite powerful on Deathmatches, where the large amount of resources gives them a distinct offensive edge.


The Goths have some large drawbacks. They have the weakest defense of any civilization in the game as they cannot build walls and upgrade their towers. They can only rely on Palisades and basic towers for defense. As such Gothic players must constantly be on the attack since they won't last long if put on the defensive. While the Goths have strong anti-archer capablities their own archers are somewhat lacking. They cannot research Thumb Ring or Parthian Tactics and lack the Arbalest upgrade.

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