Age of Empires II Edit

The Great wall of China is featured as part of Genghis Khan's 3rd scenario. It is built using the normal Fortified Wall and features three rows of the wall, with Keeps sporadically placed in the third row.

Age of Empires III Edit

The wall is featured as a Home City Card for the Chinese in The Asian Dynasties. It is capable of changing the appearance of walls and boosting wall hitpoints by 100%, 335% when combined with Improved Buildings, TEAM Improved Buildings (Indians), Flying Buttress and Bastion as well (13,050 hitpoints on the walls), and of changing the appearance of walls in the single player campain, but not in Skirmish. However they will build very slowly (build time of 2 becomes 12), for this reason the card is most frequently used after walls have already been constructed. The card can work out poorly against powerful opponents, as +3000 hit points can be insufficient to weigh up against the building times, if they are constantly being attacked, the walls may fall, and can only be rebuilt slowly.


Card name Card description Age Level
Great Wall Wall hitpoints +100%, but build 500% slower. 3 10

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