The Guard Tower is a defensive structure available in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology.

Age of EmpiresEdit

Guard Tower
AgeIron Age
Trained atGranary
Cost 150 Stone
Upgraded FromSentry Tower
Upgraded ToBallista Tower
Cost to Upgrade1800 Food
900 Stone
In Age of Empires, the Guard Tower is the second best type of tower. It is available first on the Iron Age, after upgrading the Sentry Tower from the Granary. To research the technology that provides this kind of tower, 300 Food and 100 Stone is required. This unit starts out with 200 hit points, 6 attack and 7 range. The stats can be upgraded. It offers effective defense against other Bronze Age units, but needs to be upgraded to the Ballista Tower to have any kind of effectiveness against Iron Age units. Almost every civilization can build this type of tower. The only exceptions to this are the Romans, the Minoans and the Yamato.

Civilization BonusesEdit


Tool AgeEdit

Woodworking increases range by one point

Bronze AgeEdit

Artisanship increases range by one point
Architecture decreases build time by 33% and increases hit points by 20%

Iron AgeEdit

Alchemy increases attack by one point
Ballistics increases its accuracy
Craftsmanship increases range by one point
Can be upgraded to the Ballista Tower

Age of Empires IIEdit

Guard Tower
File:Guard Tower.gif
AgeCastle Age
Cost25 Wood,
125 Stone
Upgraded FromWatch Tower
Upgraded ToKeep
Cost to Upgrade250 Food
100 Stone
In Age of Empires II, the Guard Tower is third available tower (after the Outpost and Watch Towers), first available on the Castle Age to all civilizations except Goths and Huns. They are the upgrade of the Watch Tower, researched from the University. Like the Watch Tower, Guard Towers are very good against infantry and archers, but are quickly overpowered by Battering Rams and large groups of Cavalry. Guard Towers can be upgraded to a Keep for 250 Food and 100 Stone at the University once Imperial Age is reached.

Garrisoned foot archers and villagers will increase the number of arrows the tower fires, thus increasing the damage. Up to five foot-soldiers (infantry and archers, although infantry do not increase the firepower of the tower) may be garrisoned into the watch tower. When garrisoned in the guard tower (or any other building) units will slowly regain any lost hit points. This ability can be sped up by researching Herbal Medicine.

Offensively, towers can be upgraded by Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, and Bracer (all Blacksmith upgrades) for range and damage, Chemistry (at the University) for damage, and Heated Shot (also at the University) for damage against ships. Defensively, towers may be upgraded with Masonry, Architecture (increase HP), and Murder Holes (eliminates minimum range). Towers are generally more useful in the game for stopping and slowing small raiding parties. They are ineffective against large armies and siege weapons.


The defensive tower continued to evolve during the MIddle Ages by getting stronger, taller, and better designed for fighting defense. Whereas some earlier watch towers had been square, guard towers were usually round to eliminate a sharp corner that could be knocked off. Fighting positions at the top of a guard tower were improved to protect defenders. Hoardings extended out from the top, allowing defenders to reach the bottom of the guard tower with missiles. Entrances to guard towers were made more elaborate and more easily defendable.


Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Teutonic Guard Towers can garrison at most 10 Archers or Infantry units at one time. This also doubles the maximum number of arrows that can be fired. A fully garrisoned Teutonic Guard Tower can fire as many as eight arrows, dealing up to 72 damage if it is fully upgraded.
  • Korean Guard Towers have additional range by one point from Castle Age beyond. In addition, Korean towers upgrades itself automatically from Castle Age to Imperial Age. If all technologies are researched, Korean Guard Towers can have as many as 13 range points. This range bonus makes Bombard Cannons and Cannon Galleons ineffective against them. However, a Turkish Bombard Cannon and Cannon Galleon with Artillery researched can out range a Korean Guard Tower.
  • Briton Guard Towers can have additional range by one point by researching the unique technology Yeomen, which adds 2 to tower attack and also improves archer range by 1.

Age of MythologyEdit

Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Guard Towers in Age of Mythology are upgraded versions of the Watch Tower. All civilizations except the Norse have them. They are fairly effective but siege weapons and groups of soldiers will destroy them with ease, and it is not recommended to rely solely on towers.

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