Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 300 Food,
200 Gold
StatsTrading Fee reduced to 15%
Available ToAll civilizations
Guilds is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Market. This technology reduces the Commodity Trading fee from 30% to 15%. In other words, resources cost less at the Market.
Technology availability
Available Unavailable

Note: Saracens' market trade cost is reduced to 5% as a civilization bonus, negating the fact they cannot research Guilds.

History Edit

Political and economic power during the Dark Ages was held by barbarian chiefs. This power eventually shifted to kings, churchmen, and powerful nobles. Near the end of the Middle Ages the middle class of townspeople grew more important and took a share of this power. One innovation of the middle class was the creation of guilds. Guilds controlled a specific enterprise such as cloth trading, butchering, or iron making within a town or region. They set the prices and determined who would work in the business. Outsiders were blocked from working. In return for a monopoly, usually bought from the king or town, they provided a superior product. Controlling trades through guilds resulted in high standards of living for guild members, a quality product, and high prices.

Economic Technologies (Age of Empires II)

Town Center: I: Loom II: Wheelbarrow III: Hand Cart
Lumber Camp: II: Double-Bit Axe III: Bow Saw IV: Two-Man Saw
Mill: II: Horse Collar III: Heavy Plow IV: Crop Rotation
Mining Camp: II: Gold MiningStone Mining III: Gold Shaft MiningStone Shaft Mining
Market: II: CartographyCoinage III: BankingCaravan IV: Guilds
Castle: IV: ConscriptionSappersSpiesTreason (Regicide)

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