Hand CartFile:Handcart.jpg
Age AvailableCastle Age
BuildingTown Center
Cost200 Wood,
300 Food
StatsAllows Villagers to carry 50% more and move 10% faster
Available ToAll civilisations

Hand Cart is a technology that can be researched at the Town Center. This Technology allows Villagers to carry 50% more and move 10% faster.

As a civilisation bonus, the Vikings get both this upgrade, and Wheelbarrow, for free.


The hand cart or simple wagon pulled by a horse or other animal was an improvement in land transport and boosted productivity. A man with a cart could carry the load of many men and more cheaply. The demand for carts was a boost to the economy itself by creating jobs for horse breeders, harness makers, cart makers, and wheelwrights. (from Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings game manual)

Economic Technologies (Age of Empires II)

Town Center: I: Loom II: Wheelbarrow III: Hand Cart
Lumber Camp: II: Double-Bit Axe III: Bow Saw IV: Two-Man Saw
Mill: II: Horse Collar III: Heavy Plow IV: Crop Rotation
Mining Camp: II: Gold MiningStone Mining III: Gold Shaft MiningStone Shaft Mining
Market: II: CartographyCoinage III: BankingCaravan IV: Guilds
Castle: IV: ConscriptionSappersSpiesTreason (Regicide)

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