Hastings is a campaign map in the Battles of the Conquerors. You control William the Conqueror (blue) in his quest to invade Britain.

Objectives Edit

Initial Edit

  • William the Conqueror must survive.
  • Conquer England by destrying the Castle of Harold the Saxon (orange).

Appearing later Edit

Strategy Edit

At the start of the game, both the Saxons (Harold's Raiders (yellow), Harold the Saxon (orange), and Saxon Navy (red), all Goths) and the Vikings (Harald Hardraade, cyan) are hostile to you, but Hardraade will offer to ally with you in the first few minutes. If you accept, you can watch his soldiers' failed invasion of England, and he and his remaining warriors (still in Norway) will become yours.

Gather resources, and start creating an army, and a navy to defend it while it's being transported. Since the Saxons rely on Huskarls and other Infantry, both cavalry and archers are vulnerable, so it's better to use Throwing Axemen and Hardraade's surviving Berserkers. A few siege weapons (Bombard Cannons or Trebuchets) to deal with towers and the castle are useful, but not necessary.

While you build up, Saxon Navy are likely to attack several times, so you should have a few soldiers ready to face them.

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