Heavy Camel
File:Heavy camel.jpg
AgeImperial Age
Trained atStable
Cost 55 Food,
60 Gold
Upgraded FromCamel
Upgraded ToImperial Camel
(exclusive to Indians)
Cost to Upgrade1200 Food
800 Gold
The Heavy Camel is the upgraded version of the Camel in Age of Empires II. It's stronger than the Camel with more hitpoints and attack. They are powerful against cavalry but nothing else.

Tactics Edit

Camels are essentially mounted Spearmen, decimating their own kind as well as other units mounted on horses, donkeys, or anything else with four legs. Camels have an advanatage over Spearmen since they retain enough speed to prevent cavalry from escaping, at the cost of higher food and gold costs. Using Camels against civilizations that revolve around cavalry units, such as Franks, Saracens, Persians, and Mongols often lend great results. They can go head to head with other Imperial Age cavalry and defeat them in combat. However they are weak against Cataphracts, which are for the most part immune to the bonus damage from Camels. Heavy Camels inflict a slight amount of extra damage but will fail to kill them. Camels are best used only against melee cavalry, or to ambush groups of cavalry archers. They are not effective against much anything else but cavalry, so it is wise not send them against infantry, archers, and definitely not spearmen. Camels are also ineffective against buildings and actually take extra damage from defensive ones. This is because Camels and Ships share the same unit type in Age of Empires II so Camels will be annihilated by defensive structures with Heated Shot.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Heavy Camels gain 0.05 speed and gain 9 damage against other Camels (but no longer count as cavalry, resulting in a net loss of 9 damage against Camels).

History Edit

The heavy camel was an especially experienced warrior and camel rider who wore some armor. They were used by desert civilizations of the Middle East who fought against archers from the Byzantine Empire and horse archers raiding down from the steppes of Asia.

Unit Evolution: Camel

Camel --> Heavy Camel


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