Heavy Cavalry Archer
File:Heavy Cav Arch.jpg
AgeImperial Age
Trained atArchery Range
Cost40 Wood,
70 Gold
Upgraded FromCavalry Archer
Upgraded ToN/A
The Heavy Cavalry Archer is a heavy ranged cavalry unit that is featured in Age of Empires II. It is an upgrade from the Cavalry Archer.

Tactics using Heavy Cavalry Archers is expensive as these units can take out enemy units in mass numbers, not in solitude. After training a dozen of these, they can be used to take out infantry effectively. Make sure they are at a distance away from infantry. This tactic does not usually work against cavalry, unless the cavalry can be killed in three or less volleys and should never be employed if the target is in mass numbers (although it can be used against several infantry). Archers in mass numbers, Skirmishers or Onagers are devastating against Cavalry Archers, so unless there is no other option they should not be used against those units.

They are available to all civilizations except Aztecs, Teutons, Mayans and Vikings.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Heavy Cavalry Archers lose 0.03 speed and gain 2 damage against Spearmen.

History Edit

Cavalry archers could be a devastating force when skilled and properly used, but they were as susceptible to archery fire as their enemies. One innovation intended to make them less vulnerable was to equip them with helmets and chest armor. This created the heavy cavalry archer, which was less nimble than its unarmored counterparts but able to engage in combat while taking fewer casualties. The Byzantines made extensive use of heavy cavalry archers in the engagements with horsemen from Persia and great plains to their north.

Unit Evolution: Cavalry Archer
Cavalry Archer --> Heavy Cavalry Archer

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