AgeImperial Age
Trained atDock
Cost70 Wood,
50 Gold
Upgraded FromDemolition Ship
Upgraded ToN/A

The Heavy Demolition Ship is a military vessel in Age of Empires II, packed with explosives that blows up enemy ships, Docks, and anything too close the shore. It has better armor (although still very little) and a much stronger explosion than its predecessor. It can sink a Galleon with a single hit. They may be referred to as the petard of the sea due to it being a suicide unit.

The Heavy Demolition Ship is an upgrade to the Demolition Ship, and is available in the Imperial Age.

Overview Edit

Heavy Demolition Ships are very good against other ships, especially Fire Ships. They lose to any land based units, unless that unit is right on the shore or in shallows. Heavy Demoliton Ships explode when killed, dealing damage to any nearby units. However, they do not cause friendly fire damage, so any nearby allied units will not be damaged.

History Edit

Demolition ships eventually were made larger and filled them with explosives of greater power, especially gunpowder. This heavy demolition ship resulted in greater explosions and a greater chance of damaging or destroying one or more enemy ships. It could be devastating against a large target or many enemy ships caught traveling close together.

Unit Evolution: Demolition Ship

Demolition Ship --> Heavy Demolition Ship


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