Heavy PlowFile:Heavyplow.jpg
Age AvailableCastle Age
Cost125 Wood,
125 Food
StatsFarms have +125 Food, Villagers carry +1 Food
Available ToAll civilisations

Heavy Plow is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Mill. This technology will upgrade Farms to have +125 Food (total of 375 food) and Villagers to carry +1 Food.

History Edit

Following the implementation of the chest horse collar, the next important innovation for European farming was the heavy plow. This was a large wood and metal plow that could bite deep into the dense, rich soil deposited on the European plains following the last Ice Age. The heavy grasses in these areas defied previous attempts to plow. The heavy plow pulled behind strong horses bred for power broke open these soils. This opened vast tracks of land that proved very productive and greatly increased food production. Populations climbed as a result.

Economic Technologies (Age of Empires II)

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Lumber Camp: II: Double-Bit Axe III: Bow Saw IV: Two-Man Saw
Mill: II: Horse Collar III: Heavy Plow IV: Crop Rotation
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Castle: IV: ConscriptionSappersSpiesTreason (Regicide)

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