The Helepolis is a powerful siege weapon featured in Age of Empires and Age of Mythology.

Age of EmpiresEdit

AgeIron Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost100 Wood,
80 Gold

The Helepolis is an ultimate Siege Unit in Age of Empires. The Helepolis is an upgrade of the Ballista and is built at the Siege Workshop. It fires 2 times faster than a Ballista and has +1 range, but the overall stats remain the same. It is strong in groups as it is fairly accurate and has the highest damage per second in the game. Their main weakness is Catapults, as they are out-ranged and can be eliminated by a single shot. To build this unit in the siege workshop, Craftsmanship must be researched in the market during the Iron Age. Once craftsmanship is researched, a cost of 1500 food and 1000 wood is needed to upgrade the ballista to a Helepolis. Currently, there are no civilizations that receive a special bonus for this unit. However, if played as the Hittite in a scenario that features this unit, the hit points doubles from 55 to 110.


Civilization BonusesEdit

  • If played as the Hittites in a scenario or a campaign, the hit points increases from 55 to 110 hit points.
  • If played as the Macedonians , the cost per unit is 2X cheaper and 4X resitant to enemy conversion.

Age of MythologyEdit

Civilization Greeks
Age/God Mythic Age
Unit Type Siege Unit
Cost 300 Wood
200 Gold
Population 4
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
- 5 17
Range 10 meters
Hit Points 650
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
5% 96% 50%
Speed 2.9 meters/second
Line of Sight 18 meters
Train at Fortress
Train Time 24 seconds

The Helepolis is a Greek siege tower available in the Mythic Age. The Helepolis shoots several bolts which multiplies its attack. They should be used primarily against buildings though they have fairly short range compared to Petreboli. However they are more durable and are capable of doing decent damage against units as well though they still require escorts against cavalry. Helepolii can also garrison five units which increases the attack of the Helepolis. They are ejected if the Helepolis is destroyed.


The name of this siege machine translates as "taker of cities." The name was first applied to a mobile tower constructed by Greeks to attack a city on Cyprus. This large movable tower mounted stone throwers and ballistas of different sizes, with the smallest at the top. Two hundred men pushed the tower up to the enemy walls using parallel beams extending out from its bottom. The larger weapons in the machines battered the walls while the smaller ones sewpt defenders off the walls in preparation for an assault.


In Age of Empires the Helepolis is no different than a Ballista in design but the Age of Mythology variant resembles the real Helepolis design.

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