Civilization Tech Tree Strategy


The Hittite are primarily an offensive civilization, on both water and land maps, but can also make a good defensive civilization. The Hittite are strictly a Bronze Age and an Iron Age civilization, since their increased warship Range allows them to penetrate heavily fortified areas (except for Trireme and Fire galley) much further than even a Ballista Tower with +3 range from woodcutting technologies at the Market.

Although their ships are a formidable force in the Bronze Age, their naval power steadily decreases upon the Iron Age since they cannot develop a Trireme, making them vulnerable to other civilizations that can create an armada out of Juggernauts and Triremes. The Hittites can only create a powerful Bronze Age navy, so an offensive naval strategy in later games will have to replaced with a land strategy after the Iron Age. Unless a large number of War Galleys are built and escorted by Fire Galleys, a naval victory will be hard.

Due to their wide range of elite units and technologies available during the Iron Age, the Hittites can mount a powerful offensive strategy, making them very useful on standard Deathmatch games where building and maintaining Wonders leads to victory. Although the Hittite are a good civilization, they are not really as powerful if played a game where resources are low, since they are not an economic civilization.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Can train a variety of elite units.
  • Have the most available technologies for combat.
  • Are powerful from the Tool Age to the Iron Age.
  • Excellent in Death Matches.


  • Cannot improve their Priest.
  • Cannot build elite warships.
  • Cannot train elite cavalry.
  • Not as powerful if played in Random Map.

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