A Horse is a unit in Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires II Edit

Name Horse
Amount of Food 0
Hit Points 50
number of hunters

The horse plays a significant role twice in the campaigns, under the third mission of the Montezuma campaign, and under the first level of Attila the Hun. The Scythians, in gratitude of Attila's rescue of their prince from the Western Romans, pledge to ally themselves with the Huns if the Huns would bring them ten wild horses. Horses can be controlled much like sheep; when a player-controlled unit moves close to it, it will automatically transfer its allegiance to the player's side, whereupon the player can send the horse directly to the Scythian camp. Horses can be killed but cannot be used for Food.

Age of Empires III Edit

In Age of Empires III, in the Ice campaign, the player can control two horses. These cannot be killed, nor can they attack. However, with decent speed, they are useful for scouting.

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