Horse Collar File:Horsecollar.jpg
Age AvailableFeudal Age
Cost75 Wood,
75 Food
StatsFarms have +75 Food before they need to be reseeded
Available ToAll civilisations

Horse Collar is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Mill in the Feudal Age. This technology gives Farms +75 Food before they need to be reseeded.

Once researched, the Technology does not give your existing Farms the food bonus, and they will need to be reseeded before Horse Collar has any effect.

History Edit

During the Dark Ages oxen were the prime source of animal power on farms, even though horses were recognized as being stronger and easier to use. The available harnesses for horses, however, choked the animal, and therefore seriously limiting its pulling power. A chest horse collar was invented in the East, possibly China, and gradually worked its way to Europe. This was an important innovation for European farming because it tremendously increased the pulling power of horses. This reduced the time needed to plow land and led to more land being taken into cultivation.

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