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The Huns originated from the steppes of Central Asia and are one of the few civilizations that invaded Eastern Europe and crumbled the Roman Empire. Although they have Asian origins, the Huns in The Conquerors are Eastern European and are based on the Hunnic Empire controlled by Attila the Hun. They are Cavalry based and have numerous bonuses to aid in rushing.

Overview Edit

The Huns are noted for their strong cavalry. Their Tarkans are excellent for sacking bases and both their cavalry and cavalry archers have access to all standard technologies available. One of their greatest advantages is that they do not need to build houses to sustain population. This is especially important in the early game where players must increase their Villager count and military quickly; the time and Villagers saved from collecting Wood in the early game that would otherwise be used to build houses is a crucial advantage for the Huns.

Huns are a great rushing civilization; the fact that they do not have to build houses compounds this. The Huns have both effective Cavalry and Cavalry Archers. This makes them a good civilization for those who prefer fast games or tend to play offensively. However they do have some weaknesses. They are unable to upgrade Mangonels or Scorpions and also lack the Champion upgrade. Their defense is also weak, with only Stone Walls and Watch Towers available.

Unique Unit: Tarkan (anti-building cavalry)

Unique Technology: Atheism (increased time for Relic/Wonder victories, Spies/Treason significantly cheaper)

Civilization BonusesEdit


Their language is the same as the Mongols, since the origin of both civilizations is approximately from the same location and the knowledge about the original Hunnic language is nearly non-existent.


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