The Hunting Campaign is the first part of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign which introduces the player to the basic components on implementing strategies and tactics on Age of Empires.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

The Ice Age has passed; plants and wildlife are plentiful thanks to the improved climate. Although the Technology of your tribe is still primitive, your hunting skills are excellent. Establish a small village on this Nile Delta island and grow your tribe to seven people.



This campaign is pretty straightforward, as no enemies are present. Watch out for Alligators lurking around the coastal areas of the Map. Since the player must create 6 Villagers (the mission starts with one already built), 300 Food is required to accomplish the mission, along with 30 Wood to build a House to support enough Population to sustain that amount of Villagers.

Collect the required resources, build or train these units and the mission will be complete.

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