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I Shall Return is the fourth scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign. Babylon (Blue) must escape from Elam (Greek, Red) and build up an army.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Following the Hittite invasion and retreat, Babylonia has been ruled by Kassites for nearly 500 years. Kassite rule is in danger, however, because of Elamite and Assyrian intrusions. Another Elamite army is pressing forward at this moment. If the city cannot be held, you are to save what you can, retreat down river, and build up a new army. Retake Babylon for the Babylonians and destroy the Elamites.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the Elamites.

Strategy Edit

For this mission, you're playing as the Greeks, and start off in the Tool Age, with a few buildings and units, and an enemy army in your town.

Take all Villagers and a few Bowmen and run south to the waiting Light Transport. You'll lose the rest of your forces and all buildings. Transport your units east, and build up a city here. There's food in the eastern corner, gold and stone slightly north of there, and wood all over the island.

Start gathering resources and build a Dock. Some Scout Ships will allow you to control the seas and avoid enemy attacks. But keep all important buildings away from the shore, just in case.

Build up until you can train some Cavalry and Stone Throwers, and ship them across with a Villager or two. Build up some military buildings at the south end of the island, and start your assault.

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