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The Imperial Age is the final Age in Age of Empires II. The resources of 1000 Food and 800 Gold are required to advance to this Age. Advancing to Imperial Age takes 190 seconds.

Unlike the previous Ages, no new military buildings are unlocked. However, the technologies that are required to upgrade a unit becomes more important as it can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Once the Age is reached, a Wonder can be built by any civilization. Simply put, the Imperial Age is where the nature of combat becomes more intense.


During this Age, the ultimate unit upgrades and technologies become available at any building but are often set at a very high price. Powerful units such as the Hand Cannoneer and Trebuchet are expensive to build and upgrade but are crucial for military victory as they have the ability to wipe out an entire village if unleashed in large groups. Most of the final upgrade of these units, such as the Paladin and Champion are only available to a certain number of civilizations.

Imperial Age Units Edit

Military Units

Imperial Age Buildings Edit

  • Wonder-Special structure which grants victory to any player who constructs it and defends for two hundred years

Defensive Structures

Imperial Age Techs Edit

Economic Techs

Military Techs

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