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The Incas are a South American civilization featured in the Age of Empires II: The Forgotten expansion. They are an infantry civilization, a South American civilization from the Post Classical Period (or Late Horizon), and the most expansive and extense in Precolumbine America.


File:Incas town.png

The Incas are a booming, defensive and rushing/offensive civilization. They have economic bonuses that help by getting a free food source early, fast farms, and saving stone while building defenses.

Their unique units are both specialized: Kamayuks counter cavalry and are produced extremely fast so they can be massed easily, Slingers counter infantry and can support Kamayuks and Eagle Warrior. Their unique technologies reduce the minimum range of Slingers and Skirmishers and boost the speed of their unique units.

Their house bonus helps them save wood and allows them to create units faster. Having villagers tougher as infantry, they can defend the base when soldiers are away.

As being from the Americas, they lack all cavalry, but they have full barracks lines and can research all available technologies at the Blacksmith. They also lack gunpowder units, but unlike Aztecs and Mayas, their Slingers fulfil that role effectively.

Unique Units: Kamayuk (anti-cavalry infantry), Slinger (anti-infantry archer).

Unique Technologies: Andean Sling (Slingers and Skirmishers with no minimum range), Couriers (Eagles, Kamayuk and Slingers +10% speed).

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Start with a free Llama.
  • Villagers benefit from Blacksmith upgrades.
  • Buildings cost -20% stone.
  • Houses support 10 population.
  • Team Bonus: Farms are built 50% faster.

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