Joan of Arc (1412–1431) was the savior of the Franks during the Hundred Year War in the 15thcentury, and her exploits form the theme of a campaign in Age of Empires II.


Joan is also a Hero unit in Age of Empires II. Joan of Arc has two versions, Joan the Maid which is an infantry unit and Joan of Arc which is a cavalry unit.

Joan the MaidEdit

Hit Points:100

Joan of ArcEdit

Hit Points:200
Special:+2 armor vs. anti cavalry units.

Campaign Edit

The Joan of Arc campaign consists of 6 battles:

1. An Unlikely Messiah Edit

You begin with Joan the Maid and two Knights (Sieur Bertrand and Sieur de Metz) in the Army of France camp. Head south to the scout and he will tell you that there is a Burgundian nest to the east (on the way to the Scout you will get four Man-at-Arms and four Crossbowmen). You follow his advice and head south.

Soon you will get caught in a battle so move your troops away and watch when the British defeat the Army of France. After this head South, you'll find the bridge there destroyed so you'll have to find a another way, where you face a Burgundian base surrounded by walls. To beat them go to the nearby village to collect pikemen and a capped ram near a Burgundian castle across a bridge (the same one from which the scout pointed at the start) and destroy the wall, then to a path where you take the form of some acquirable transports.

You will fight many Burgundians and Highwaymen along the way; they should pose no problem as long as you let Bertrand and Metz take most of the damage. You will encounter some monks of the French Army along with reinforcements in the north, which can heal your battered army.


The British are depicted by the Britons and makes its appearance during the cut scene of a battle which obstructs the player's path. The British are no threat to the player since they disappear once the battle against the Army of France is over.
Highwaymen are depicted by the Franks and are scattered throughout the map. They don't prove much of a threat to the player since they are set to defensive but block paths that the player must move through.
The Burgundians are depicted by the Franks and is the strongest opponent the player must face. They have a settlement just north of the player's initial position and a poorly defended base near the center of the map.


Army of France
The Army of France is one of the two allies that assists the player in providing free units and reinforcements during the escort. They are depicted by the Franks.
Chinon is the player's second ally. Player escorts Joan the Maid to Chinon in order to achieve victory. They are depicted by the Franks.

2. The Maid of Orleans Edit

Joan now mounts a black horse, and has the help of a knight, the Duke D'Alençon. You first go to a nearby city to get trade carts filled with supplies, and must carry them across the river to Orleans (as the bridge is heavily guarded, the best way is finding a secret dock and transport ships). As you get there, the city's buildings (except for the Cathedral and Gates) and villagers become yours, and the objective changes to destroying one of the British Castle (there are four, two of the red North British and two of the orange South British), while keeping Joan alive and the Cathedral of Orleans standing. The South British castles are more recommendable as the Northern ones are heavily guarded with more developed soldiers.


  • Burgundy (Franks) appear on the way to Bloise, at the bridge and have a village slightly east of Chinon.
  • North British (Britons) appear North of Orleans with 2 castles and are heavily fortified.
  • South British (Britons) appear South of Orleans where they are less fortified near the bridges.
  • Chinon (Franks) is the starting point of the scenario.
  • Bloise (Franks) appear North of Chinon and provide more reinforcements as well as 6 trade carts.
  • Orleans (Franks) Everything apart from the Cathedral, Gate and Walls become yours, the Cathedral must remain standing.

3. The Cleansing of the Loire Edit

A swordsman, La Hire, joins Joan in this battle. You must destroy three British castles across the Loire. There are three islands; the one you start on, another to the west and the bigger one where the British and Burgundy have set up camp. You must collect Transport Ships and Demolition Ships to cross over.

After the first Castle gets destroyed, Sir John Fastolf will attempt to attack. There is gold and stone only in the biggest one, so you must obtain it by building a market and selling food and wood. Also, guard the docks well, as the British attack them regularly.

4. The Rising Edit

You start out to the south with a medium sized army, your goal is to siege the three british cities to the north so that the Dauphin can be crowned king Charles VII of France at the Cathedral in Reims (your hardest opponent). But first you have to rendevous with a town to help you in your advance. You face the British guard along the way, (they should be no problem). Defeat the three conqured French cities (Chalon, Toyes and Rheims) and restore balance to the French crown by destroying their town center.

Note: This is the only Joan of Arc level where Burgundy and the British army do not appear, not counting the first where British are only minor at a battle against The Army of France.

5. The Siege of Paris Edit

Joan starts out with no recources and a massive army of Crossbowmen, Pikemen, Light Cavalry, Cavalier and Paladins. Your goal is to retake Paris for the French. Once you get insde the city you find villagers, at least eight of them have to survive. Once you come to the river in the middle of the city you find that the Dauphin's wicked advisors have not sent you the promised reinforcements to take Paris. You realize that you must flee to Compiegne in the north. While linking up with British traitors along the way you make it to Compiegne. Unfortunately, Burgundy attacks with a massive army just before you get there consisting of Champions, Paladins, and Siege Units. At least eight of the villagers along with Joan of Arc have to make it to Compiegne.

6. A Perfect Martyr Edit

Joan has died. To avenge her and defeat the British, the knight Guy de Josselyn forms a huge force. It consists of the French army of Light Cavalry (or Hussars), Arbalests, champions and Paladins, led by Constable Richemont, which includes La Hire, and the Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons, led by Jean Bureau. After building a city inside a razed Burgundy settlement, you must take a Trade Cart with a French flag to a hill inside British walls (which also builds a Bombard Tower nearby). The English army and the Knights of Shrewsbury attack you while you build your forces.


  • Joan is the only Hero unit in Age of Empires II who possesses two unique in-game character model (Both her "Arc" and "Maid" models). Most other Hero units use the same model as ordinary soldiers or Unique Units.
  • In the Attila the Hun Campaign, the Scythian Wild Women use Joan the Maid's model. In addition, Cavalry units with a lance have appeared as well.


Further Help Edit

For a guide to how to fight these battles see Strategy Wiki. For cheats see Cheat Base.

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