AgeIron Age
Trained atDock
Cost135 Wood,
75 Gold
Upgraded FromCatapult Trireme

The Juggernaut is an upgrade for the Catapult Trireme in Age of Empires. The Juggernaut is far superior compared to its previous form in splash damage and more importantly, the amount of hit points. It is available after Engineering has been upgraded at Government Center and then further upgraded for availability at the Dock. 2000 Food and 900 Wood is required to upgrade a Catapult Trireme to a Juggernaut. Since the cost is very expensive in normal games such as Random Map, players usually ignore the upgrade and prefer the Catapult Trireme. However, in deathmatches, this upgrade is very useful, especially if the player chooses the Phoenicians since their Siege Ships have the ability to fire 66% faster than ordinary ships.

Upgrades Edit

Iron Age

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Phoenician naval siege units fire 66% faster.
  • Minoan naval units costs 30% less.
  • Yamato naval units have 30% more HP

Flying DutchmanEdit

A Juggernaut-like cheat unit called the Flying Dutchman can be obtained in the Scenario Editor and can also be summoned if the player types Flying Dutchman in the Chat Box. In appearance, it appears as a Juggernaut, but not only is it far superior in attack, it can also travel on land as if it were a land unit, as well as being able to travel on water. This unit can also be obtained in normal games via a cheat code.

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