Kamayuk Icon
AgeCastle Age
Trained atCastle
Cost 60 Food,
30 Gold
HP60, 80
Armor0, 1
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToElite Kamayuk
Cost to Upgrade1000 Food
600 Gold

The Kamayuk is an infantry unit that is unique to the Inca civilization in Age of Empires II: The Forgotten.

Overview Edit

Kamayuks are units which have attack bonuses against all cavalry, and since they have a massive spear and one range, units can attack over the units in front.

Kamayuks are most effective in large groups, as they have a range of one enabling them to attack from behind another unit making every Kamayuk's attack count. They are also one of only three units to have melee damage at range, the other being the Mameluke and the Throwing Axeman. This allows them to have the first hit in melee battles. Due to this bonus they can counter cavalry effectively, and their cheap cost and relatively fast training speed means they are easy to mass.

Their range allows them to attack over walls, making them good at defense or attack in walled area. They can also be a great defense against enemy Rams.

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