"Heavy and Quick" - Age of Empires II Description

AgeCastle Age
Trained atStable
Cost 60 Food,
75 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToCavalier
Cost to Upgrade300 Food
300 Gold
The Knight is heavy cavalry unit available in Age of Empires II. They are one of the most powerful units in the game. A powerful Heavy Cavalry unit, their ability to slaughter Infantry, Archers, lesser cavalry, and Siege Weapons is unparalleled in the Castle Age, where they often form the primary fighting force. However they are still susceptible to certain weaknesses, such as overwhelming firepower, camels, or the cavalry banes, spears, pikes and halberds.

Tactics Edit

The Knight, being the primary shock unit of most armies, is one of the most effective units to use to disrupt enemy villages, destroy colonies, or diminish an enemy garrison. With its high attack, HP, and natural armor, it can easily stand up against most, if not all, opposition. Its ferocity can only be matched in terms of both attack power and speed by the Camel, though a line of Pikemen could also serve as a good defense, provided they can catch them. The Knight can destroy a group of archers or siege weapons in seconds, though Long Swordmen and other Knights do hold a chance of fighting back. Spearmen/Pikemen/Halberdiers pose a great threat to Knights as well, so it is advised that a group of Archers accompany a group of Knights. Monks are also deadly units to be feared, as knights are easier to convert than most cavalry.

Knight aok

The Knight.

The Franks have a cultural bonus which grants their Knights, Cavaliers, and Paladins more hitpoints than those of other civilizations. Knights are usually the mainstay of the Frankish army.

Knights are best used in the early Castle Age, when they have little to no effective counters. Their presence weakens somewhat when unique units, Pikemen, Heavy Camels and siege weapons come into play. Knights and their upgraded counterparts still play a significant role in the late-game, however, particularly against archers and trebuchets.

Though Knights have no bonuses, they are effective against many units because of their raw strength.

Game information Edit


Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace, Scale Barding Armor, Chain Barding Armor, Plate Barding Armor, Bloodlines, Husbandry, Conscription, Faith, Heresy, Herbal Medicine


Spearman, Pikeman, Halberdier, Camel, Heavy Camel, Mameluke

History Edit

"The knight was a heavily armored and mounted warrior who have achieved certain minimums in training and position in Middle Age society. When made a knight, a warrior was often given land to support his military expenses in return for a pledge to serve his lord on campaign for so many weeks each year. By parceling out land in this manner, a high lord controlled a hierarchy of soldiers that could be called upon when needed. Knights spent most of their time fighting or training for fighting. They practiced war in tournaments, competing for prizes and honors. Because few others could afford the equipment and training for war, knights dominated Middle Age battlefields for centuries. The evolution of new tactics featuring pikemen, longbowmen, crossbowmen and primitive handguns brought the dominance of heavy cavalry to an end."

Unit Evolution: Knight

Knight --> Cavalier --> Paladin


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