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The Koreans are an East Asian civilization that appear in Age of Empires as the Chosun and in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion as the Koreans.


They are one of the five new civilizations featured in the Conquerors expansion. The Koreans have a unique cavalry archer unit called the War Wagon which is a heavily armored ranged archery unit. The Koreans also have a Turtle Ship which is a heavily armored, short-range artillery ship that is effective against Fire Ships and Demolition Ships. Their Watch Tower are automatically upgraded to Guard Tower in the Castle Age and Keeps in the Imperial Age.

Wonder: Hwangnyongsa

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Villagers have +3 line of sight
  • Stone miners work 20% faster
  • Tower upgrades are free (Chemistry still required for Bombard Tower)
  • Towers (except Bombard towers) have +1 range in Castle Age, +1 in Imperial Age (for +2 total)
  • Team Bonus: Mangonels, Onagers have +1 range

In-game dialogue languageEdit

They speak modern Korean.

  • Ne 네 (yes)
  • Te Gi/De Gi 待機 = 대기 (waiting)
  • Joon bi 準備 = 준비 (ready)
  • Juh yo?저요? (me?)
  • Geurojyo 그러죠 (Okay)
  • Sil shi 實施 = 실시 (starting work)
  • Idong 移動 = 이동 (moving)
  • Choul tong 出動 = 출동 (departing)
  • Nah moo kun 나무꾼 (woodcutter)
  • Che jib ggun 채집꾼 (food gatherer)
  • Sa nyang gun 사냥꾼 (hunter)
  • Oabu 漁夫 = 어부 (fisherman)
  • Nongbu 農夫 = 농부 (farmer)
  • Gwongbu 鑛夫 = 광부 (miner)
  • Moksu 木手 = 목수 (carpenter lit. contractor)
  • Surigong 修理工 = 수리공 (repairer)

Military dialogue Edit

  • Chin gyeok! 進擊 = 진격! (forward!)
  • Tol gyueok! 突擊 = 돌격! (charge!)
  • Shil-shi! 實施 = 실시! (will be done!)
  • Gong gyueok! 攻擊 = 공격! (attack!)
  • Ye 예 (yes)

Monk dialogue Edit

  • Mwonga 뭔가 (What?)
  • Malhage 말하게 (You may talk to me)
  • Bangapne 반갑네 (nice to meet you)
  • Aratne 알았네 (I understand)
  • Geurose 그러세 (I'll do it)
  • Kagetne 가겠네 (I'll go)

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