Kyoto is a Scenario in the Battles of the Conquerors Campaign. Lord Nobunaga has been executed in Kyoto and to avenge him, the Japanese must make sure that there is no castle standing.



  • Your lord, Nobunaga, is trapped in Kyoto. You must rescue him to restore his honor.

Appearing laterEdit

  • Destroy all 3 of Kyoto's Castles to punish them for the murder of Lord Nobunaga.
  • Establish a base from which to attack Kyoto.


(All players on the map are Japanese)
You start off with a handful of Samurai protecting the allied hero, Nobunaga (yellow). All of these will be killed off in the first few seconds of the game, and three transport ships will land on the southern-most point of the map, giving you Knights, Hand Cannoneers and Samurai. As you enter the city of Osaka (red), you capture some Bombard Cannons. When you get soldiers close enough to the enemy Town Center, it becomes yours, along with a few houses and the outer wall.

If you want, you can attack and destroy nearby Hyogo (blue), but it's not necessary. If you attack immediately, you can most likely take them with your starting force. If you choose not to attack, they will train soldiers and come for you.

Kyoto (green) is the real enemy. You must destroy their castles to win, and they have access to all five relics on the map, giving them another way to victory. Two of the castles are near the water, and can be destroyed by Cannon Galleons if you wish, but the last one is further inland, so you must transport siege weapons and soldiers across. If you lose your Bombard Cannons, Trebuchets are excellent for the task (especially with Kataparuto researched).

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