Light Cavalry
AgeCastle Age
Trained atStable
Cost 80 Food
Upgraded FromScout Cavalry
Upgraded ToHussar
Cost to Upgrade500 Food
600 Gold
"Fast with greater line of sight than Scout Cavalry; resistant to conversion."

The Light Cavalry is a cavalry unit featured in Age of Empires II. The Light Cavalry is a fast unit with a greater line of sight than Scout Cavalry; resistant to conversion, excellent at riding down Archers, Monks and siege weapons, though its combat abilities on other melee units such as other cavalry units or Infantry, is severely limited. It is a weak unit used mainly for reconnaissance and supporting other units.

It is available to all civilizations except for the Aztecs, Mayans and Teutons. Additionally, note the Turks receive the upgrade to Light Cavalry free, and the Mongols Light Cavalry have increased hit points and line of sight. Also note that light cavalry cost only food to create, making them a viable alternative if the player is low on other resources.

Overview Edit

"As Middle Age armies grew larger and campaigned farther afield, the importance of scouting grew. Many civilizations developed light cavalry, an improvement on scout cavalry, for this role. Light cavalry were better trained and better equipped for fighting. In battle they could be used to harass or charge enemy infantry or support their own knights in a charge. Light cavalry wore only partial armor and a shield and fought most commonly with a spear. Civilizations that could not afford extensive armor for warriors, such as barbarian groups from the East, put large contingents of light cavalry into the field.

Strategy Edit

The Light Cavalry have an exceptionally high Line of Sight and moderately better combat skills in comparison to Scout Cavalry. Against groups of Siege Weapons or Archers, they have the speed and attack needed to run down and kill groups, though combat with other melee units should be avoided at all costs. As stated in the manual, a group of Light Cavalry will make an ample replacement in any cavalry division, but the Knight and Camel far exceed their attack abilities. Light cavalry have an attack bonus versus Monks, and may often kill two before being converted.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Light Cavalry gain 10 damage against Monks.


File:Light cav.jpg

Unit Evolution: Scout Cavalry

Scout Cavalry --> Light Cavalry --> Hussar


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