Light Transport
File:Alu AoE LightTransport v1.00 Icon.gif
AgeTool Age
Trained atDock
TypeCivilian Vessel
Cost150 Wood
Upgraded ToHeavy Transport
Cost to Upgrade300 Food
150 Wood
The Light Transport is a unit that carries other units across water. It is able to carry 5 other units (every unit counts as one, be it a villager or Heavy Catapult) and can transport them any distance. They are lightly armored and have no armament and as such need escorting with war ships. They can be upgraded to the Heavy Transport with greater capacity and more survivability in the Iron Age. They are best used in groups, and with expensive units spread out, so that if one is lost, it is less likely to be the one with 5 Heavy Catapults or Centurions. Boats are also twice as resistant to conversion as regular units.

Civilization Bonuses Edit

History Edit

The earliest use of boats in war were primarily to carry men across rivers, lakes, or seas to raid and plunder. They were lightly armored but were armed with ranged weapons carried by the passengers. The most suitable boat for this purpose was built as a compromise between speed and capacity. Raiders did not want to spend long periods in boats making a crossing and needed to surprise their enemies. The boat also had to carry a reasonable number of raiders and have room for any booty to be brought back. The fastest boats of ancient times were galleys powered by sails when possible but mainly by oars. The Greek penteconter with 50 oars was a common transport for troops. In most cases, the crew of oarsmen became raiders when they reached their destination.