Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 1000 Food,
600 Gold
StatsCataphracts cause Trample Damage
Available ToByzantines

Logistica is a technology unique to the Byzantines which can be researched at the Castle in the Imperial Age. Once researched, this technology gives trample damage to Cataphracts (attack bonus +5) and slightly increases their attack-bonus against infantry. With Logistica, Cataphracts will slay infantry even more easily, and the trample damage bonus helps them out when facing mobs of infantry or other melee units.


The Byzantine civilization outlived its counterpart in Rome for more than one thousand years, mainly through the adroit employment of smaller elite armies against more lightly equipped or less highly trained enemies. Well-motivated troops, well-trained officers, strong military traditions, and sound military logistics combined to create armies with fighting power disproportionate to their size. The backbone of their armies were their cataphract cavalry who could engage enemies at a distance with archery or trample them down in a charge.

Unique Technologies (Age of Empires II)

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