Long Swordsman
AgeCastle Age
Trained atBarracks
Cost 60 Food,
20 Gold
Upgraded FromMan-at-Arms
Upgraded ToTwo-Handed Swordsman
Cost to Upgrade300 Food
100 Gold
For the related Age of Empires unit, see Long Swordsman (Age of Empires).

"Stronger than Man-at-Arms; cheap and quick to create."

- Age of Empires II description

In Age of Empires II, the Long Swordsman is the second upgrade up from Militia, after the Man-at-Arms. It is a cheap Infantry Unit that has a goodly amount of hit points and attack. Long Swordsman are the basic Infantry unit in the Castle Age In the Imperial Age, they can be upgraded to become Two-Handed Swordsmen. They are very strong units, able to defeat all standard Castle Age units but the knight in one on one combat. Like all basic infantry, long swordsmen also have a large attack bonus versus buildings, making them excellent raiders. They are weak against Cavalry Archer, Archers, Heavy Cavalry, and mangonels (if they are unable to close the distance), but good against Spearmen, Light Cavalry, Camels, Skirmishers, and most Siege Weapons.


The weapon of choice for noble warriors was the long sword. Being skilled with a sword was a social distinction because good swords were expensive and difficult to make. Men-at-arms of lower classes trained with shorter and less expensive weapons. Long swords were reserved for the nobility. The ceremony of becoming a knight involved being dubbed with a long sword by the new knight's lord.



Long swordsmen are usually used in large groups. They are good building destroyers, but pale in comparison to battering rams. Though they are a good staple in the early Castle Age, they are quickly supplanted by knights, many kinds of unique units, and archers. Their main advantage lies not in individual strength but their ease of creation and their inexpensiveness. Longswordsmen should be upgraded to Two handed swordsmen and then champions as soon as possible to make them even more cost effective.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Long Swordsmen gain 1 pierce armor.


Unit Evolution: Militia

Militia --> Man-at-Arms --> Long Swordsman --> Two-Handed Swordsman --> Champion


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