AgeCastle Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Vessel
Cost100 Wood,
50 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToElite Longboat
Cost to Upgrade750 Food
475 Gold
The Longboat is a unique unit in Age of Empires II that can be built only by the Vikings during the Castle Age. It can be upgraded at the Dock during the Imperial Age to Elite Longboat.

The Longboat, like the Chinese Chu Ko Nu, fires multiple arrows with each attack, and can defeat war galleys in one-on-one combat. Elite longboats defeat galleons (just barely, though) as well. They are best used against multiple enemy ships.

In order to build longboats, a castle must be built first. Longboats may continue to be built after all castles are destroyed.

Elite LongboatEdit

Elite Longboat
AgeImperial Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Vessel
Cost100 Wood,
50 Gold
Upgraded FromLongboat
Upgraded ToN/A
The Elite Longboat is the upgrade of the Longboat. Whilst appearing relatively similar to the Longboat, the armor, hitpoints, damage, and range are slightly better than that of the unupgraded version.


The Longboat is weak against Demolition Ships, so steer clear of those. Mangonels firing from the shore are also strong against them, so Longboats should be kept well out of range.

Strong PointsEdit

Since the Longboat can shoot multiple arrows, a group of them can rain a shower of arrows on to the target, so Longboats can be used for shore bombardment.

History Edit

The Viking raiders of the ninth through eleventh centuries were especially terrifying because they could strike anywhere along the seacoast and even upriver. They had this capability thanks to their longboats. These ships were long, narrow, and of shallow draft, but were surprisingly seaworthy. They used oars and a single square sail for propulsion. Longboats could be taken into very shallow water and beached. Only a coast with high bluffs or rocky shoreline was safe from them.

Gallery Edit

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