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Lord of the Euphrates is the seventh mission of the Voices of Babylon campaign. The Babylonians (Blue) must defend their homeland from two enemy armies: the Assyrians (Yellow) and the Chaldeans (Greeks, Red).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The destruction of the Elamites and the return of the statue of Marduk to Babylon have brought many years of relative peace to the Euphrates Valley, but the armies are marching again. The Assyrians are extending their empire and are threatening from the north. The Chaldeans are pushing up river from the south. You are to revitalize the Babylonian armies and destroy both invaders now encroaching into your territory.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the Assyrians and Chaldeans.

Strategy Edit

The Chaldeans should be dealt with first. They are closer, weaker, and can be reached by land, without the need for Transports. Start building up your base and gathering resources.

To protect yourself from Assyrian ships, build a Dock and train Scout Ships. Upgrade them at the earliest opportunity. A few Towers will make you even safer. Build Towers to the north as well, to stop the Chaldeans from marching into your town.

When you have the resources and have aged up, it's time to think about attacking. A few Stone Throwers will deal with buildings, and Horse Archers can handle their units. If you are low on gold, Chariot Archers make a decent subsitute.

Once the Chaldeans have been dealt with, build more ships to face the Assyrian navy, and ship some soldiers and a few Villagers across. Build some military buildings, and start taking their island one inch at a time.

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