Lost is the third map of the Voices of Babylon campaign of Age of Empires. The primary goal of the Babylonians (Blue) in this mission is to defeat the Hittites (Brown) at the far east of the map.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Disaster has struck. A Hittite army has marched down the Euphrates River and sacked Babylon. Although your party is isolated among enemies in a marsh area, it is the only hope for extracting revenge. A Hittite force remains in the area and intends to build a new city along the river. Clear your enemies from the marshlands and destroy the Hittite city before it becomes established.

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Hittites.

Strategy Edit

You start off in the Iron Age with a Priest and six Composite Bowmen, and all upgrades researched. To the north is an island with a few Bowmen and a Priest of the red Greek team, called Enemy. To the west is an island controlled by the yellow Babylonian team, also called Enemy. The Hittites are to the east.

First, convert the red Priest, and shoot down any bowmen that try to stop you. The Bowmen will enter a Heavy Transport and come for you, but they're easily defeated. Convert the transport, and head east.

Land on the island, somewhere where the Sentry Towers can't hit you. Convert the Hittite Villagers and kill their soldiers. Build a Town Center and start gathering resources, then build a Siege Workshop and train Catapults.

Destroy their towers with your Catapults, and destroy or convert every Hittite building to win. Don't bother looking for the other two teams. When the Hittites are dead, you've won.

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