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A Lumber Camp is a building in Age of Empires II that serves as a depot for wood collecting. It may be built once you have a Town Center for the cost of 100 Wood and is available to all civilizations. At the Lumber Camp three technologies may be researched in order to increase the rate at which villagers chop wood. Double-Bit Axe (Villagers chop wood 20% faster) becomes available to research in the Feudal Age, Bow Saw (Villagers chop wood an additional 20% faster) in the Castle Age, and the Two-Man Saw (Villagers chop wood an additional 10% faster) in the Imperial Age.

It is advantageous to build Lumber Camps near forests so that your villagers will be able to transport wood to the Lumber Camp quickly.


The great forests of Dark Age Europe were an important natural resource that was converted into wood for building and firewood for fuel. Lumber was cut from tree logs at a lumber camp. The early lumber camps were highly labor-intensive. A log was laid perpendicular to the ground above a pit. With one man above ground and one in the pit, a long iron saw was used to rip boards from the log. In the Middle Ages, better technology was developed to use water or animal power to drive iron saws and increase productivity.

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