Civilization Tech Tree Strategy


The Macedonians are primarily a Bronze Age and an Iron Age civilization since their civilization bonuses are only fit for units that are available from the bronze age onward. The Macedonians are a good choice in Deathmatches since they have almost all technologies suited for combat and can train a variety of elite units in the iron age. However, they are not as powerful in Random Map. According to the Technology Tree, the Macedonians, like the Persians, lack economic upgrades found in the market during the bronze age. This makes the Macedonians a slow civilization to begin with, making it very slow in games that are economic dependent. However, the Macedonians make this up by their ability to train units with many hit points. Their units also have the ability to penetrate enemy lines easier than other civilizations since their +2 missile armor with centurions along with their armoured elephants can make a very deadly combo when attacking defensive fortifications.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit



  • Not as good in Random Map.
  • Ineffective on water maps.
  • Have a slow economy.
  • Not a good choice in short, early games.
  • Temple not available, so healing and converting units impossible.

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