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The Magyars are an Eastern European civilization featured in the Age of Empires II: The Forgotten expansion. They are a cavalry civilization based on Medieval Hungary.


Magyars are an offensive civilization with great rushing capability. They utilize lots of cheap units in their armies. Their economy is also good as they have all the economic upgrades except for the Stone Shaft Mining and Guilds technology. They are a cavalry cvilization and have all the cavalry upgrades though they do not have access to camels. Their first unique technology is the Recurve Bow, which increases their Cavalry Archers' range by one. Their unique unit is the Magyar Huszar, a cheap cavalry unit with a bonus against Siege Weapons. Their second Unique technology, Mercenaries, makes the Magyar Huszar even cheaper by removing their gold cost.

Unique Unit: Magyar Huszar (Cheap cavalry unit)

Unique Technologies: Recurve Bow (Cavalry archers + 1 range), Mercenaries (Magyar Huszars cost no gold)

Civilization BonusesEdit

  • Villagers kill wolves in one strike
  • Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace free (requires Blacksmith)
  • Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar cost -10%
  • Team Bonus: Foot archers +2 LOS

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