"Wheeled siege weapon used to attack a small mass of units." - Age of Empires II Description
AgeCastle Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost160 Wood,
135 Gold
Upgraded ToOnager
Cost to Upgrade800 Food
500 Gold
The Mangonel is a ranged Siege Unit primarily used against large groups of enemies. Its high attack and splash damage makes it a powerful unit, although this is offset by its low accuracy, minimum range, and tendency to harm friendly units caught in its blast.

Compared with the Scorpion Edit

  • In most circumstances, a single mangonel will do more damage than a scorpion. However, scorpions does damage in a straight line while mangonels attack a single, small area. this means that in larger numbers, scorpions do more damage than mangonels unless the mangonels are micromanaged properly.
  • Scorpions do not damage friendly units, but mangonels do. This means that mangonels are more dangerous to use in a melee battle.
  • Scorpion bolts reach their targets faster than mangonel payloads.
  • Mangonels have slightly more hitpoints.
  • Scorpions need less micromanagement than mangonels against AI since computer controlled units will make a beeline for their target, ensuring that the scorpion will hit them anyway.
  • Scorpions cannot attack ground, making them impossible to micromanage against an agile unit. In contrast, a cleverly managed mangonel may hit fast moving units.

Age of Empires II Info Edit

"The mangonel was an improvement on the ancient catapult that was used to throw stones and other missiles, usually in a siege attack against a fortified position. The mangonel usually fired directly at a target, using a bar to stop the throwing arm when it was vertical. This threw the missile directly forward. Mangonels were used to fire one large stone or a basket of smaller stones. They were often assembled on the spot for use, but were also built on wheeled frames for easier movement."

Statistics Edit


Faith, Heresy, Chemistry, Siege Engineers, Furor Celtica, Shinkichon, Drill


Long Swordsman, Two-Handed Swordsman, Champion, Pikeman, Halberdier, Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar, Knight, Cavalier, Paladin, Camel, Heavy Camel, Berserker, Woad Raider, Cataphract, Mameluke, War Elephant, Teutonic Knight, Mangudai

Tactics Edit

The Mangonel unit is best employed in groups of three to ten, behind large buildings, walls, or towers in order to avoid being attacked by melee units. Its powerful attack can be devastating to most groups of enemy units, but it is best to watch the fire of friendly units in order to avoid friendly fire. Mangonels require more management than scorpions and are more dangerous to use. Using the Attack Ground command is useful for Mangonels if one can predict the movement of enemy troops.

Unit Evolution: Mangonel
Mangonel --> Onager --> Siege Onager

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