Manzikert is a Scenario in the Battles of the Conquerors Camapign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion. You play as the Turks (purple), trying to fight the heavily armored soldiers of the Byzantines.

Objectives Edit

  • First, you have to station soldiers at the Town Centers of the Byzantine cities of Pisidia (Green), Cappadocia (Red) and Galatia (Yellow). This will make the city become your ally and they will give you some of their buildings.
  • The Main Aim is to defeat the Byzantine Army (Blue).
  • An Optional quest involves destroying the 4 towers of the Saracens (Cyan), giving your allies free access to their gold mines.


You start with Trebuchets (but not on Hard level), Camels, Light Cavalry, Long Swordsmen and Cavalry Archers at a small area with Military Buildings.

Your first goal is to station at least one soldier near the Town Center of each of the three small cities. Cappadocia and Galatia are protected by walls and gates, which must be destroyed to gain access to the Town Center (you can attempt to sneak through Cappadocia's gates as their soldiers exit, but as Galatia's gate is locked, sneaking through is not an option). Pisidia has no walls, making their town easier to capture (Pisidia has walls and gates on Hard level).

Send at least one soldier to the Town Center; Light Cavalry are excellent for the job. Don't waste units fighting their soldiers, as when you capture the Town Center, the enemy soldiers vanish.

You can send some soldiers and siege units to the Saracen lands to the west, to capture the gold mines there (which Pisidia will mine for you).

Once you have control of all three cities, Imperial Age will be researched, and you can start planning your attack on the Byzantine city to the east.


  • Unfortunately, you get no villagers, so you'll have to rely on your new allies for resources.
  • This Scenario is set before Gunpowder became widespread. This means that Janissaries and other Gunpowder technologies are unavailable.

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