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The Maya (incorrectly referred to as the Mayans in-game) are a Mesoamerican civilization featured in the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion. They once occupied the region in southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Overview Edit

Like the Aztecs, Mayans have no access whatsoever to any form of Cavalry units or gunpowder. Unlike the Aztecs, however, the Mayans have very mediocre Monks and Infantry . However, they make up for this by having very cheap archers and durable Eagle Warriors.Their Eagle Warriors can withstand more attacks due to the Mayan's unique technology, El Dorado, which give all Eagle Warriors +40 hitpoints. Their unique unit, the Plumed Archer, are tough to kill for their cost-allowing them to soak up damage while friendly archers take care of other threats.

Unique Unit: Plumed Archer (fast, well-armored foot archer)

Unique Tech: El Dorado (increased HP for Eagle Warriors)

Civilization BonusEdit

In-game dialogue language Edit

Ecé (axe) sounds like ashé
Molonel (harvester)
Cangnel (hunter)
Carunel (fisherman)
Casamash (farmer and miner)
Asheyak (builder)
Coshonel (repairer)
Cayashé (Attack)
Cocaya (Attack)

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